One could say that I started marketing in DECA 20-something years ago…I have been working with small businesses in recent years to increase their reach and create better brand recognition. Marketing and sales go hand-in-hand, but the nuances are significant. I use what I know about a particular business to create a strategy unique to them.

I work with companies from social media and internet marketing to executive office suites to business tool providers and beyond. I try to cater to the need at hand rather than try and artificially create a need based on what’s for sale. If I can find a great fit, that’s super…if not, then I have many collaborative partners that I can offer as alternatives to get what you need.

As a contracted Executive Trade Director for Tradesource, Inc, I ran the day-to-day operations for a marketing team developing new business members in the local trade exchange as well as nationally. I maintained relationships between members and helped create new business for my clients by replacing current cash expenses with trade dollars, earned by utilizing their unsold inventory or idle time and resources. In the first three years at Tradesource, I increased their client base by over 40%.

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