Scouting builds character and life skills for our youth.

Scouting builds character

As a Boy Scout growing up, I don’t think I fully recognized what I was learning for life. The activities and campouts were fun and earning merit badges was too, notwithstanding the hard work. That’s what life is all about…hard work. Now, as a scout leader, I realize that the purpose of the fun is to make the hard work go easily and the life lessons stick.

The scout troop was my first “team”, so to speak. As a member of the troop, I was given responsibility for the first time. When I forgot my flashlight, I tripped around in the dark. When I forgot my poncho, I got wet. In the troop, it was on me for the first time to make sure I was prepared. “Be prepared” is the scout motto and one of the most important life lessons a boy can learn is to be prepared by taking responsibility for himself and not to blame others for what happens.

As a member of the team, I learned to trust others and to be trustworthy. When given troop assignments like, “Bryan is in charge of bringing eggs for breakfast”, it only took forgetting once and facing the glare of a dozen hungry scouts for me to realize that I needed to pull my weight in a group. Loyalty grows as each member of the group participates to realize a successful, efficient team. These lessons have carried through to business in my career and even contribute to family life. I am thankful for my time as a scout and glad for the opportunity to give back.


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